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Good Morning Year 1,


I hope that you are all well and that you have been enjoying working through the tasks that I have been setting.


To begin your your home learning today, I would like you to listen to another popular story from the above list by scanning the QR code or clicking on the link below it. To develop your reading skills, you could try pausing the video at certain points and predicting what might happen next. You could also look at the pictures to infer how the characters may be feeling. 

Be sure to watch at least one of the daily phonics films uploaded to the 'Ruth Miskin Training' YouTube channel. These will be available from 9:30am every day and are around 10-15 minutes long.


Follow the steps in the example shown and then have a go at the maths worksheet.

There is a short video here demonstrating this method by using two ten frames and counters- concrete resources that the children are familiar with using at school. 

If you are feeling confident, why not try the challenge? Make sure you fill out the reflect section to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. 

Using your poetry plan from yesterday, I would like you to try and create a penguin poem. Here are some examples:



It would be great to see some of your penguin poems! You could also perform these and send a recording to It would be fantastic to showcase these on our year 1 webpage for all of your classmates to see. 

You can either use this template or create your own!

For geography this afternoon, we will be focusing on map work. First of all, I would like you to visit Google Maps and see if you can find where you live by typing your address or post code. You should also try out the street view feature.


Then, I would like you to complete the worksheet provided. For this activity, you will be locating our school,  year 1 classroom, church and local shops on the map provided. Draw lines to match the images to their location. 


Challenge: Can you create a map to follow for inside your house? This might be a map from your bedroom to your bathroom, your kitchen to your living room or your front door to your garden.


You can find further activities on maps with videos to watch following this link